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The Things I Want To Write On Facebook But Shouldn't, Put Here

I often write a lengthy essay in response to FB posts that charge me up, particularly during my 3rd cup of early morning coffee. I usually, into my fifth paragraph, realize it's not FB material and so I just copy and paste it into my "Notes" on my desktop for later... I don't know what. So I decided, since this happens so often---nearly every day---I will accrue these tantrums of madness, bursts of lucidity, and preaches on my website, given that its original purpose of being a platform for my bodywork business is not presently functional.

Installment #1, From Yesterday's Furious Typing in Response to: I can't effing remember, but I'll look through my iPhone's history from yesterday morning the next time I sit down to eat a cookie or something.

Status: Incomplete. Reason: Futility of the rant dawned on me-- went to garden outside instead, which I did for 6 straight hours.

America is a warped, selective, indulgent form of socialism for the rich, and a deadly game of survival for the rest. The rules for the rest of us are arbitrary and false, and meritocracy is the most effective way to create an environment where we compete against each other and dominate the weakest instead of against the powers that use us as pawns. Meritocracy is a myth. We all sat down to a game of monopoly, and unlike the actual board game, we were not all given equal amounts to start with. If you’re born white, male, and rich, you’re probably going to win the game. You might have a disadvantage in one of these groups, but if you’re stocked well in the rest, you will still have unfair and unearned privileges and can still get ahead. Such as those who are white, rich, male, but have disabilities or presentations of neurodivergence, like George W Bush does. His policies were, like most politician’s, murderous— but making fun of him for mispronouncing words is breeding an atmosphere of bullying ableism—not something “progressives” and democrats would like to find themselves doing, but they do. He had alcoholism, addiction, and some kind of processing disorder that affected how he read And spoke, and that should not be included in any critique of his character. Or you might not have “won” in the skin color category, or the wealth category, or the gender category, but have huge advantages in the others. Ableist, racist, classist, sexist rules drive outcomes. Competition based on monopolizing resources is a game of death. People get to live or die according to the outcomes. And yes, occasionally someone disadvantaged in most categories will “win” at the game. All this proves is that they’re exploiting their edge in the ableist category: they may have extreme, drive, confidence, determination, and relentlessness in the pursuit of their prizes. The prizes are meager and relative. We have grown accustomed to being elated at our great turn of fortune if we get a small pay raise—only to find that it doesn’t cover the breadth and scope of our needs, and our dependency remains in full, perpetual force. Dependence on the wrong source— a a devious and divisive force: capitalism, and the human greed that fuels it.

I can’t bring myself to flesh out all the mixed metaphors that I so vigorously and vivaciously started laying out in this mini diatribe. Must find something more useful to do that rage against the machine. Easter Sunday.

Outside I see a glistening silver sheen in the delicate vaporous clouds that exhale through the dawning sky, so clear from human industry’s retreat…

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