• Charlee

Privilege and Bodywork

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

One thing that has always troubled me about the concept of self-care and healing, is that those in most need of it are generally left out of the client base because of the capitalistic structure and health care maladies of our nation.

This is not a blog post per se, but I wanted to address this issue up front in my practice. Through attending more financially equipped clients, it is my intention to, not long from now, be able to give bodywork to the groups within our population who struggle the most with the neglect of general well-being.

I keep my rates a little lower than the going-rate for CranioSacral Therapy and Massage because it is my firm belief that health care should be accessible to everyone. It won't be feasible for me to give a large number of clients sliding scale rates, but I can offer it to a limited number of interested people. If I have the means to, I want to eventually bring this directly into areas that are sorely lacking--and in many ways, with systemic deliberation--in access to the means to even briefly disengage from the propulsion of the survival game (sympathetic nervous system) and switch into a state dominated by the parasympathetic nervous system, wherein higher thinking, resolution of pathologies, and empowerment derive. It is my hope that this kind of model will eventually catch on, and we can all serve each other in our wider community without unreasonable sacrifices or ethical compromises.

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